Welcome to Dreams & Strides – a series of articles about what it takes to follow your dreams and the faith and perseverance it requires to walk it out. Dreams and Strides is a blog which shares Jozua’s journey of faith to pursue the dreams God has given him while Carla shares on topics of family and maintaining dreams in the everyday life.

About Us

About the Authors

Jozua and Carla are South African born world travelers. Jozua is in film and media, Carla in music and creative writing. She likes green tea and chocolate, he likes coffee and jazz. That combination alone is an adventure in and of itself. Both share a love for photography and Israel but Jozua will confess that his dream to live and work in New York comes in at a close second. Carla’s sense of humor keeps their relationship grounded while Jozua’s passion for life keeps it moving forward. Jozua’s dreams are to establish his own Film and Media company, while Carla is focused on her dream for creative writing and music. In 2017 they started Dreams and Strides to document this journey which began for them in their late twenties. Both of them want to encourage others to pursue that which God has placed before them through Yeshua our Messiah.