Welcome to Dreams and Strides

Welcome to Dreams and Strides.

The journey up to this point has not been easy, but it is has been fulfilling and rewarding. For many years I wondered what I will put on my gravestone one day. I have finally come to the words: Live life to the full, the journey is short. Psalm 84:5.

It’s been over three years now since I did the Pin Code course with Grace and David back in Stellenbosch. My heart has changed in so many ways, but yet it still beats the same… now stronger than ever before. Dreams and Strides is an effort from my side to share that journey with you and what God has shown me about my walk of faith in pursuit of His dreams for my life.

The journey started in 2006 when I heard the call for media while watching Hollywood “Enews” on DSTV. My heart birthed the dream in that moment, but my spirit was far from God’s dream for my life. Now over 10 years later the culmination of the events on this journey has moved me to the next phase of the dream where I find myself in the USA.

In the articles to come, I hope to share some of the revelations that I received from our heavenly Father. And yes, there will be biblical scripture with that. That said, I heard once that the pursuit of Theology or Torah is the highest form of worship. Then I heard from another that prayer and intercession is the highest form of worship. Yet again, someone told me that music is the highest form of worship.  For me, all these things are different expressions of worship. For me, the highest form of worship on this earth is to live for Elohim (God), fully sold out, according to the unique design and purpose He has for you.

To you as my friends, family and new acquaintances, I really hope that what God lays on your heart through this blog is not just some nice part of your day, but rather that it will encourage and influence you in a profound way.  I pray that it would make you stop, think and consider.

In my next article I will start to share where this journey began, where it restarted and where it’s gone. Have a great day and be encouraged by

Matthew 7:8: “For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”